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We are Samantha and Brian, founders of Better Change Tools. We are experts in change, with extensive experience helping our clients target business and team growth opportunities; unlock creativity and problem solving; and drive innovation and results. We have a top-notch team, and pride ourselves on our personalized service and training. Our suite of Better Change Tools has helped us all create strong international track records, and grow thriving, sustainable consulting businesses. 
We’d love to help you do the same.

Samantha Stead & K. Brian Dorval

Sam has spent 25+ years leading and facilitating organizational change. With Brian, she is co-founder and VP of Think First Serve Inc, a management consulting practice that helps people in organizations think better, lead better, and work better together in pursuit of new ways to grow. Prior to that, she was VP of Customer Insight & Product Development for an international direct-to-consumer publishing business, giving her first-hand experience of what it really takes for an organization to change and grow.  

An expert facilitator and trainer of Creative Problem Solving, Sam uses VIEW and SOQ to help her clients develop their capabilities in inclusive leadership, deliberate process and building the climate for creativity, innovation, and sustainable change. She also specializes in non-traditional customer insight approaches that enable organizations to create competitive edge.  

Brian has 30+ years of experience helping people, teams, and organizations significantly improve their personal performance and business results. With Sam, he is co-founder and President of Think First Serve Inc, and before that, the Vice President of Client Services for the Creative Problem Solving Group, Buffalo. Brian has delivered hundreds of innovation programs, leadership training courses and performance improvement workshops in 21 countries around the world.  

Brian is one of the co-developers of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) version 6.1™, publishing more than 70 articles, chapters, and books on the topics of creativity, mental imagery and problem solving. He is also a USPTA-certified tennis professional, who specializes in the mental game. He works with regionally and nationally ranked juniors, as well as adults of all levels, to improve mental toughness and enhance performance in high pressure situations.  

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Assessment authors

Dr. Scott Isaksen

author, VIEW & SOQ

Scott is currently the founder and President of the Creative Problem Solving Group-Buffalo, and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the Norwegian Business School. Scott has published more than 250 articles, chapters and books on innovation, cognitive style, Creative Problem Solving, and work climate for creativity. He is widely acclaimed for his work as a consultant, trainer, and facilitator and has worked with hundreds of global organizations on leading for innovation, building high-performing teams, and managing sustainable change.  

Dr. Edwin Selby

author, VIEW

Ed is currently a Senior Associate with the Center for Creative Learning, and an Adjunct Professor at Franklin Pierce University. Ed is the author of articles on learning style, talent identification and development, and creativity training and instruction, and co-author of Educating for Creativity and Innovation. Over his 50 plus years in education he has taught music and drama in New Jersey public schools and served as president of multiple school county boards. He is also the recipient of Fordham University’s Bene Merenti Medal.


Andy Wilkins

trainer, VIEW & SOQ

Andy is a founding partner of Perspectiv LLP, a professional services firm working to increase the quantity and quality of creative problem-solvers in the world. He serves clients in a range of industries worldwide, with a focus on leadership that sets the stage for innovation and change. Andy is also a Senior Honorary Visiting Fellow for the renowned executive Masters in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership program at Bayes Business School in London.

Kate Stuart-Cox

trainer, VIEW

Kate is a founding partner of Perspectiv LLP, and visiting lecturer for the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership program at the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice, Bayes Business School, London. Specializing in personal, team and leadership development, she works with clients in a variety of industries and cultures across the world – providing training, consulting, and facilitation in collaboration, managing change, and high team performance.

Luc De Schryver

trainer, VIEW & SOQ

Luc is founder and Managing Director of o2c2 Consulting and Lecturer in Innovative Marketing Management at the University College Leuven Limburg (UCLL). Based in Belgium, Luc offers training in French and Dutch as well as English, and is the author of the Dutch translation for VIEW and SOQ. Luc’s work takes him across Europe and around the world. His latest book Toegepaste Verbeelding (Applied Imagination) was published in 2021.

Assessment administration

Sarah Wilson

lead assessment administrator

Sarah plays a pivotal role on our team, managing our back-end assessment systems and processes, and providing our Better Change Tools practitioners with efficient and personalized service. With a professional background in assessment management and administrative support to small businesses, Sarah takes charge of ensuring the smooth execution of every project, guiding practitioners seamlessly from invitation to presentation.

Dawn Wigmore

assessment administrator (UK)

Dawn provides administrative and executive assistance to Perspectiv in the UK. Dawn is the central point of contact for many of our UK and Europe-based practitioners, providing them with personal assessment support and timely service. Dawn’s experience spans a wide range of businesses, functions and cultures, including China, India, Japan, and the USA, as well as Europe and the UK.