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Are the Better Change Tools assessments reliable and valid?

Absolutely. VIEW and SOQ have decades of research behind them. For detailed information on reliability, validity, and other research-based support for the assessments, please download Evidence Supporting VIEW and SOQ: A Summary of the Evidence.

What languages are the assessments offered in?

VIEW can be completed in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, and Spanish. Reports are currently available in English, Dutch and Spanish. 

SOQ can be completed in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, and Spanish. Reports are currently available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French and German. 

We are constantly adding to our language offerings. Please contact us to learn when new languages are available. 

Do I have to be certified to use the VIEW or SOQ assessments?

Yes. Assessments can only be used and debriefed by certified practitioners. If you are interested in the assessments for yourself, your team or organization and want to talk to a certified practitioner, please contact us. 

What if I need to change the date of my certification course, or cancel it?

Course fees are non-refundable. You are able to make one change to the date of your qualification course without a fee; subsequent changes will incur a $200 administration fee. 

If you wish to reschedule, you must contact us no later than one week prior to the start of the course for which you are currently registered. 

Courses must be taken within a year of registration, or your course fee will be forfeited. 

We do not offer refunds for cancellations or no-shows. 

In the event that Better Change Tools must cancel a course, we will work with you to find an alternative date, or if not possible, we will refund your course fee in full.

What if I start the training but I cannot finish?

You must complete the entire course to a satisfactory level in order to become certified. If you do not successfully complete the Better Change Tools course, you will not have permission to administer or use the assessments and you must immediately return or destroy all Intellectual Property provided to you. If extenuating circumstances mean you have to leave a course early, please discuss with your trainer to see if we can have you join a different course to complete your certification. There are no refunds for unused course time.  

Can I schedule a private certification course for just my company?

Yes, we offer custom courses for group sizes of 4-8 people. Please contact us to discuss and find out more about our custom Better Change Tools courses. 

Are your certification courses offered in-person as well as online?

Most of our courses are live-virtual, meaning a trainer delivers them online. We also offer occasional in-person courses. Both will be listed on our registration page. If you are interested in an in-person course but do not see one listed at this time, please contact us so we can put you on a waiting list. 

What languages are the VIEW and SOQ certification courses offered in?

Courses are mostly delivered in English, with occasional in-person courses available in French and Dutch. We also have a Spanish offering in development. Please contact us if you would like to be informed when this and other languages become available. 

How much do the assessments cost?

Assessments can only be used and debriefed by certified practitioners. You will learn about our pricing structures during your certification course. If you are interested in the assessments for your organization and want to talk to a certified practitioner, or if you have other pricing questions, please contact us. 

Do you offer discounted pricing for non-profit work?

We believe it is important to support educational and non-profit use of the assessments. We offer discounted assessment pricing to certified practitioners when the assessment is being used with registered non-profits. 

How long does my Better Change Tools certification last?

Certifications do not expire but we do expect certified practitioners to keep their understanding current. We offer refresher courses to our certified practitioner community. If you have not used the assessments in more than two years and want to begin a project, we may ask that you attend one of those refreshers. If you are a certified practitioner and have not joined our Better Change Tools community, please contact us for the information. 

How long does it take to become certified?

Three or four days depending on the assessment, plus time for pre-work (completing the assessment, pre-reading, and a quiz). Please see our VIEW and SOQ pages for details. 

What do I get when I’m certified?

Lots! Including access to the assessments, personalized customer service, workshop starter kits, sales and marketing support materials, access to the practitioner resource libraries and membership in the Better Change Tools community.Please see our VIEW and SOQ pages for detail

What is the benefit of being certified in both VIEW and SOQ?

For a team or organization to to facilitate change, navigate change, and change successfully, people need to work together effectively to solve problems, in a climate that enables them to perform at their best. As an expert practitioner in change, you need tools to help your clients leverage people’s problem-solving preferences and develop climate. Being certified in VIEW and SOQ doubles your power to elevate your consulting practice, and deliver real, sustainable change. 

With our bundle offer you can take advantage of discounted pricing, and will have a year from registration to complete both VIEW and SOQ courses. 

For all other questions, please contact us.