Registration Terms & Conditions

By completing this registration you understand and agree to the following:

Better Change Tools (BCT) Practitioner Certification Courses are experiential in nature. Our goal is to enable you to use your assessment(s) with competence, confidence, and commitment.  

You will need a minimum of an undergraduate degree (B.A. or B.S.) or equivalent to participate. 

In order to become a Certified Practitioner, you will need to: 

  • Complete the required pre-work 
  • Attend the entire course
  • Engage actively in the course and all its activities
  • Obtain a minimum score of 85% on all tests and quizzes
  • Agree to Certified Practitioner terms & conditions 

By the end of the course you will need to demonstrate that you: 

  • Understand the assessment’s history, research basis, theory, measure, interpretation, and usage
  • Can accurately interpret and share assessment results 
  • Use assessment language consistently, correctly, and appropriately 
  • Can illustrate your understanding of assessment concepts through examples, stories, and anecdotes
  • Are able to identify situations for the appropriate application of the assessment(s)
  • Will follow all research and data collection protocols

In addition, you understand that: 

 1. Better Change Tools assessments, all of their component parts, technical resources, and all training and support materials are proprietary and copyrighted, with all rights reserved. 

2. All Intellectual Property identified in (1) is confidential and must not be reproduced, shared, or distributed in any way until you have successfully completed the course.

3. This course is designed to qualify you to use a Better Change Tools assessment. It does not prepare or enable you to train or qualify others in the use of the assessment.

4. If you do not successfully complete the course, you will not have permission to administer or use the assessment and you agree to immediately return or destroy all Intellectual Property provided to you as part of this course. Your course fees will not be returned.

5. Course fees are non-refundable. Prior to starting your certification course you are able to make one change to the date of your course without a fee; subsequent changes will incur a $200 administration fee.

6. Better Change Tools reserves the right to reschedule courses. If you are unable to attend an alternative course date you will receive a 100% refund of your registration fee.

7. The course Trainer reserves the right, based on their professional experience and judgment, to approve or decline any application or certification based on their analysis of your eligibility and competence to use a Better Change Tools assessment.